Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being sick, with sick kids

One of the hardest things about being a parent is not being able to curl up into a ball and burrow deep beneath your covers when your ill.

We have been battling a nasty stomach bug in our house the past couple days. Little Bit, our 12 week old and I have both been having a hard time holding onto our dinners. She started fussing a little three days ago and then characteristically when white as can be and nursed non stop.

This did not help her upset tummy. She spent most of the next day alternatively vomiting and nursing ever more.

The next day my stomach started hurting and then even the thought of food was enough to make it do flips.

After an uncomfortable night spent sitting on the floor of the bathroom trying to be ill quietly, so as not to wake Hubby or the kiddos, today I would really love to just hunker down in bed, maybe with a book. But when only one out of two children is sharing the sick with you, that isn't even a glimmer of an option. The Sprogling, our 19 month old, managed to avoid this bug. All he wants to do is run around and play. With me and his sister.

Trying to entertain a small child and explain to him that "no, Mommy can't crawl around on the floor with you right now" whilst trying very hard to keep down that glass of ginger ale isn't fun, even a little bit.

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