Saturday, August 1, 2009

My son’s new “toy”

It's hot here. The temperature peaked today at 30C which makes it ridiculously hot for our neck of the woods.

So to combat the heat I have taken to dressing my kids in the minimal amount of clothing socially acceptable. For going out that is usually a little sleeveless dress for Little Bit and a t-shirt and shorts for the Sprogling. When we are home all they wear is diapers. (Did I mention that we only have a very small window air conditioner that my stingy heart only lets me use during the very hottest part of the day?)

It's keeping them nice and cool but we have an unforeseen side effect.

My son has been delighting in taking his diaper off. In and of itself not too bad as we are half heartedly potty training and he doesn't make many messes on the floor. But he has discovered his "doodle".*

So now a common sight in my house is that of the Sprogling sitting on the floor/couch/etc yanking on his doodle.

He would quite happily play with it for hours. And hours.

I mean it's not like he's doing any damage, but it's a little off putting to see my toddler playing with his doodle.




*Yes that is what we call it in our house as I giggle uncontrollably whenever I say the word PENIS and I just can't force myself to say it. That and the Sprogling can almost say "doodle" but doesn't have a snowballs chance of saying penis.


  1. My husband says doodle and I giggle uncontrollably whenever he says it. But then again I also giggled when my son blurted out "PENIS" after watching the Simpsons movie. The exact reaction I should not give when trying to prevent my son from blurting out "PENIS" at any given time.

  2. Yay, I'm not the only one who uses doodle. When my son actually starts using words, he'll be the kid who randomly shouts PENIS! just to make people laugh.



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