Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Kids Rock

Some days it's all I can do to keep on trucking when my kids are screaming and there is some unidentified body fluid on my pants and the house is a mess.

Yesterday was completely not one of those days though.

Yesterday my son just knocked my socks off with how charming he can be and then later my daughter just about killed us with how cute she is.

We recently became owners of a hot tub and have been spending most evenings lounging around in it. The Sprogling LOVES the hot tub. He especially loves the bubbles. In fact, "bubbles" is one of the only words that he can say. Yesterday he was playing in his bedroom by himself when things got silent. A few moments later he comes out stark naked and walks up to me. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the top of the stairs. He looks up at me and in the saddest most pleading voice goes "Bubbles peas?"

Wasn't really planning on going in the tub at that moment but you know what? When I get asked so very nicely I make exceptions.

Little Bit spent the ten minutes before we put her down trying to blow raspberries on Hubby's back and arm. She's only seven months old so this was a first attempt and hilarious to watch. The first hundred attempts were mostly her licking/mouthing him but by the end she was giggling hysterically to herself as she made happy little raspberry noises.


The small moments like this that in the grand scheme of things are inconsequential, are what makes this parenting thing so very worth it.

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