Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hmm... That was a vacation?

So last Wednesday I packed up my kids, a teeny tiny trailer tent, an entire van full of stuff, plus my mother and her two dogs and drove 9 hours (including stops) to the town where I grew up.


It was... less than relaxing.


First off, we were in a tent. One of those flimsy things that people stay in and claim them as shelter? Yah, one of those. They aren't soundproof. At all.

My kids do not really sleep through the night. My son has night terrors. That means I have a crying child at least twice a night. We were not very popular come morning.


Secondly... Well I spent a week all by myself with just my mother. And one vehicle.



My mother annoys me to no end because everything that she does that annoys me I know that I do. I hate that. It's hard to see your faults paraded out for all to see, especially yourself.


I come away from this trip with the resolve to change some of my larger flaws.


For the sanity of all who know me.

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