Monday, June 22, 2009

Early Early Morning

Yesterday my son didn't nap. Wouldn't go down, screamed and fussed and climbed out of the crib again and again. So we finally gave up and just went on with our day. He was a wretch. Absolutely terrible. We all have off days though so we blew it off. Then it was time for dinner. Hubby put the Sprogling into his chair, went to grab something from the fridge and found the Sprogling asleep. So we left him there, because you know, we are amazing parents.

This was about 6pm. At 7 we moved him from his chair into his bed and held our breath. He stayed asleep. We started having visions of him sleeping through the whole night. It was midnight and we were in bed and so was he. We fell asleep congratulating ourselves on a job well done. 4am then arrived accompanied by the screams of the Sprogling. He was awake and by everything that was holy he was staying awake.

We tried brining him into our bed. We tried laying with him in his Big Boy Bed. No luck. So we have been up since 4 now. I fully expect both the kids to crash by noon. Little Bit heard her brother at 4 and decided that it was a dandy time to be up as well. She has a cold and is fussy anyways. Do you know what children who have been up for 5 hours (and it's only 9) look like?

They look a little something like this. Little Bit fidgets and cries, and the Sprogling has decided that he is getting tired now. I would show you a picture of what mama looks like when she has been up since four, but I couldn't take a picture of myself that wouldn't scare small children. So it will be a battle to keep them both awake for another three hours to get them back on schedule.


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