Monday, June 8, 2009

Master of Messes

My son has a talent for making messes. If there is trouble to be found, he will find it. Usually running at full steam. If there happens to be several messes to be made he will usually find the one that causes the most grief or takes the longest to clean up. We affectionately call him Destructo Boy
and Doom Baby. Take yesterday for instance. Yesterday he decided that it would be a great idea to open up the pantry, take out his sister's baby cereal and methodically shake it all over the kitchen floor. I mean over the entire floor. Frustrating because I didn't even realize he was in the kitchen, but my own darn fault for not being more vigilant.

At Christmas I got a shiny new Iphone from Hubby and it quickly became a treasured and highly used part of my person. Except that I had just given birth to Little Bit two weeks before and was still a little absent minded and exhausted. My son got a hold of it and it disappeared. Gone. Poof. We searched high and low for it and we couldn't find it anywhere. We even opened up venting to make sure he hadn't dropped it down one of the floor vents. I finally went through garbage bags that we had already taken out back and there it was, coated in old macaroni and cheese. He had thrown out my phone for whatever reason that only makes sense in his little baby mind.

I adore my kid but on days like that I just don't understand what he could be thinks. Mostly it's probably just a "If I do x than what happens?" but some days it seems like he's doing it just to spite me. Like he know full well what's in the diaper bag but still feels the need to go through it and empty if of all its contents, even though it doesn't have anything that he actually likes to play with in it (we've taken out the Vaseline). The other times he makes messes, almost not on purpose is just that he runs everywhere. He once ran into a display at the grocery store with spectacular results. He was just going a mile a minute and didn't see it.

Crap. It's gone silent. This can only mean that he's found something to play with that he shouldn't. Gotta go.

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