Saturday, June 6, 2009

TV Watchers

We watch TV in this household. Before I had kids I had visions of days spent playing on the floor with my kids, of having peaceful afternoons of snuggling and reading. Then I had The Sprogling and I realized how very lonely and, yes I’ll admit it, boring being at home, alone all day with someone who can’t talk. So I gave up and allowed the TV to be turned on during the day. I do try to keep it off as much as possible but we do have a television watching routine. I plug in a movie when The Sprogling is eating breakfast so that I have that precious half an hour of time to feed Little Bit and clean the kitchen. Not to mention that this is generally the only time during the day I get to go to the washroom all by myself.
I’ll generally try to keep it off until lunch time on good days. On bad days I turn on PlayhouseDisney and hope for the best.
During nap time is Mommy TV time. I put on a PVR’d episode of CSI or Trueblood and sit and enjoy a little gore.
And then the television is completely off until 5 o’clock rolls around. At this time we have a routine. Little Bit goes in her exersaucer for as long as we can get away with and The Sprog and I have a cuddle. We watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I try to solve the puzzles before the contestants and The Sprog cheers them on. Every time a puzzle is guessed he stands up and claps his little hands wildly, I cheer and laugh at him.
I know there are people out there who would say that I am failing my kids in some way by having the boob tube on so much. And I totally admit, there are days where it is never off. Those are the bad days. But on the days that I have it on, I need every moment that I can glean in order to not pull my hair out or start crafting ebay ads offering up my kids for an extremely reasonable price.

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