Monday, June 29, 2009

One of those days it is acceptable to dress all in white

Yesterday my daughter was baptized. She wore the same dress that my grandmother, my mother and I were baptized in. It isn't fancy but it is steeped in memories. I put it on her minutes before the service was to start and discovered that the one button had snapped off and we had no way to keep it on her squirming little body. Luckily the church has name tags with pins, so we stole one and broke it to keep her dress on her.

We had her baptized in the same church that the Sprogling was baptized in, even though we no longer attend that church. Her Grammy, who passed away when I was 20 weeks pregnant with her, was a teacher at the school/church and I know it would have meant so much to her that Little Bit was baptized there. We have a hard time going there because the memories hurt too much, but yesterday was a great day.

She didn't let out a peep when the pastor poured the water on her head. In fact she started giggling and it looked like she expected us to wash her hair. She loves baths. Her grandparents from my side came out and her great grandparents, Oma and Opa both came all the way from the next province over. She was surrounded by love and I couldn't have imagined a better day. The Sprogling got a little bored and jealous but that was solved by having him go play outside on the playground after the actual christening was over.

The pastor transcribed her name wrong, and left the last letter off, not realizing anything was wrong as she has a fairly unusual name (she's going to hate me for that one day), so he spent most of the service apologizing and correcting all the spellings.

After the service I threw her into an outfit that Grammy had bought last summer, way before we even knew what sex she would turn out to be. We had great faith that she would be a girl.


So that was my weekend. Entertaining grandparents, keeping the house clean and having my child brought into the church. A nice way to spend the weekend. Tomorrow's post will be talking about one of the principles of AP.

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