Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why yes, I am a geek and my interests are varied

I believe I have already come out as a geek on this little blog. I read far more than is healthy for any human being and I enjoy every second of it. Add that to the fact that I mainly read science fiction/fantasy and ancient history text books and I creep ever closer to owning a pocket protector.

My other little obsession is video games. As a teen, I was a console snob. I owned every Nintendo console made (at the time the latest was the Gamecube) and played as much as possible. I was terribly popular with a certain subgroup of boys in my high school. We had epic battles playing Bond on an old N64. (Come on people, paint ball mode!) I eventually branched out and bought a PS2 because DDR was all the rage in our group and I rocked, or at least thought I did. I have a sneaking feeling that I may have won during our little competitions due to lack of proper breast support and a tendency to hop around and not through any skill what so ever.

Now a days between my husband and I we only average a couple hours a week playing on our consoles. We own a Wii (because it's just so cool.... and I felt I needed to continue the tradition) and an Xbox for the online capabilities. I generally get on the Wii for about a half hour a day, and that is me playing Wii Fit. The time spent is fun, but not really playing a video game. My true obsession these days, dare I say it, is WoW.

I admit it. Late at night, after I get my kids off to sleep, I creep into my living room, throw on a pair of headphones and pretend to be an Elf. And kill things. Lots and lots of things. Some days I play for the side of good, some days for the side of evil. I flip flop and have a gazillion toons because my attention span is akin to that of a goldfish. I get bored just hacking my way through levelling and I needed to find out all the story lines for every race so I have at least one of each and then I needed to try out all the different ways to kill things so I've tried every class. I definitely have favourites that I keep going back to, but for variety I like to have a couple toons in different classes and professions levelled about the same so that I don't get bored.

I have decided that this is a fantastic release. I spend all day trying not to get upset at something the Sprogling has done (hitting his sister in the face anyone?) because really? He's a nearly two year old, what do you expect. So I hold it in all day and in the evening I go and bash and cleave things to death. I figure I'm a much better balanced Mommy for doing this and the only things that are getting hurt are pretend creatures, most often some kind of undead or pig.

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